In a hidden corner of the internet is Parisen Images: a huge collection of historic pictures of Paris that will have any person with a fondness for old pictures of familiar places. I can get stuck for hours peeking through […]

Old Photos of Paris

This is one of my favorite spots in Paris. In a calm corner of Buttes-aux-Cailles you will find Le Mêlécasse, a small neighborhood brasserie that makes the best tartare de boeuf I think I have ever had. I usually order it aller-retour, that is, […]

Le Mêlécasse

I have a bit of a cold so I decided to have a nice, calm weekend doing as little as possible. I spent my Sunday strolling around, visiting my market for vegetables (I bought a mango the size of my […]

A Sunday in Paris

On Saturday, I arrived in Paris. On Sunday, I decided to go to explore my new quartier and pay a visit to le marché to stock up on fresh produce for the week to come. My Sunday market is Marché Villemain, […]


One Sunday this summer, after a late night the day before, we strolled on tired legs towards Mouzaïa, the residential and pleasant neighborhood just to the East of Parc des Buttes Chaumont, with little townhouses lining the streets, interspersed with […]

Brunch at Le Danube