Spring has sprung 1

The sun has finally been coming out the last few days, we’ve had ballerina weather and this girl right here is thoroughly enjoying not having to wear a beanie in March. Bring on the spring!

My plants are also enjoying the warm weather. The windows in our “double séjour” (that is a sort of double room that is usually used as a living/dining room) are South facing and I have to water my lil’ green friends doubly often later – but I don’t mind. As soon as I have some free time (phffft!) a few of them need some spa time and a new, bigger, pots. The avocado tree I started growing in a glass of water in January is getting tall and I’m not sure when to plant it in some proper soil. How do I know?

Oh and yes, this is a mini preview of our yet to be furnished apartment. We have a bed and a stove and a dishwasher and that is about it. We are working on it. Our fridge/freezer arrived tomorrow which will be bliss! I am going to the market this weekend, that is for sure.

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