The Secret Lives of Parisians

I love the line 6. Large part of it runs above ground, on a beautiful, industrial looking train track some 5 metres over the street. Even though the trains on this line are old and you feel like you are sitting in an escape car as it speeds and bounces around on the track, I love riding it when it is dark and one can peek inside the houses of people living along the track when their lights are on. I’m not a creepy peeping tom, I am just always so curious about how people live. I want to know what kind of couch they have, if they have stark white walls or a colorful mess, if their kitchen is big or small. That is the reason I got really excited when I stumbled over photographer Gail Albert Halaban’s work on the internet (oh, internet).

Just look at all these wonderful images of Paris and its people going about their ordinary lives, from the book Paris Views. I could look at them for hours. Perfect gift for anyone curious about Parisian life, or Paris views, for that matter. The book is available here if you can’t wait to have it on your coffee table.

Photo credit: Gail Albert Halaban.

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