Another Part of Paris

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One sunny afternoon I took a long stroll through the 13th arrondissement. This arrondissement is home to the old Gobelins factory, the small, village-like streets of Butte aux Cailles, the bustling hub of Place d’Italie and Tolbiac with its Asian restaurants and supermarkets. Along the Seine are the entertainment complex of Les Docks, and the characteristic silhouette of Bibliotheque nationale de France. There are the haussmannien buildings on the boulevard bordering to the 5th and skyscrapers and big apartment complexes. Although great parts of the arrondissement is far from the image the name “Paris” most likely conjures, it is a place full of contrasts and inspiration. I captured a few snaps of some colorful graffiti, high-rises and one of my favorite features of the city: the raised metro.

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