Bridge the Gap


I’m a runner. I have run for most of my life, but it wasn’t until I met Kris and Ssideline City, a little over two years ago, that I became a runner. Running has opened up so much for me, and it is all because of the people I’ve had the fortune to run with. I’ve challenged myself more than I thought I could, I’ve learned disciplin (sometimes) and how to let loose (sometimes). I have run in places like Belgrade and Seoul and I have met people I probably would not otherwise have met. The video below explains a lot of it. This is my crew, my family. This is my reason to keep running.

The video is produced by Benoit Derrier. That girl in short shorts and a red pony tail, running through the cheer zone and about to raise her arms in the air in pure joy, that’s me. That is what crew love feels like. Both the group photo and the photo of me are taken by Viktor Dahllöf. If you want to learn more, here is some information on Bridge the Gap.

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