Semi-marathon du Bois de Vincennes


This last Sunday, I got up at 6:25 and headed over to Vincennes, the suburb just to East of Paris, to run my first half marathon upon arriving in Paris (and my first one in France!). That’s the Chateau de Vincennes, by the way, early in the morning. It used to be the king’s hunting retreat a long time ago, and has had many uses over the years.

The weather was frigid and in the morning and I cowered as the humidity crept right through my jacket. However, two cups of coffee later, the sun had risen and things were looking a lot better. I have been suffering through a nasty cough the last couple of weeks, and I wasn’t expecting any major accomplishments (actually, my last few months have been plagued by colds and injuries, alternately) but the first thirteen or so kilometres went smoothly, before I started to feel the cold catching up to me. As I didn’t want to push it I decided to slow down, recover for a bit and then comfortably jog the rest of the way, enjoying the scenery. The course was beautiful, mostly on gravel roads in the big park of Bois de Vincennes and the air was cool and fresh with a tinge of wet leaves. The leaved that were still on the trees were glowing in yellow and red.


This was an absolutely wonderful race and I absolutely want to do it next year again. Now I have one month to go before my next challenge, the half marathon in Boulogne-Billancourt in the end of November. I’m really hoping to get some quality distance in before then, because my legs feel a bit sore after putting them through such a long run after two weeks of nearly nothing.

Photo credit top photo: Guillem Vellut. Chateau de Vincennes by me and photo of me stretching by @blockmar.

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